• The CLNA requires LEAs to access the 21-22 Perkins V Summary Report and Supplemental Report from TEAL. 

    How do I find these reports? 

    • Login to TEAL
    • You will need access to the Career and Technical Education Reports
      • If you do not see CTER listed in your current Applications go to:
        • My Application Accounts
        • Click on Request New Account
        • Follow the directions to add CTER to account
        • Follow up with admin to expect approval email from TEAL

    Can you email them to me if I am unable to add CTER? 

    Once I have it, how do I use this data in the CLNA?  

    • Part 2 - Student Performance
      • LEA will need to identify Perkins performance accountability indicator targets not met at the LEA level.
        • The CLNA Guidebook (PDF) will explain the difference between CTE Learner and non-CTE Learner and methodology for EOC scores. 
      • Compare the performance of CTE learners with non-CTE learners on accountability indicators.
      • Compare the performance of each special pop in CTE program with all CTE Learners.
      • Describe how CTE learners from different gender, race, etc perform in CTE programs.
    • Part 3 - Labor Market Alignment
      • Top career clusters
    • Part 6 - Improving Equity and Access
      • Evaluate student groups taking part in CTE at disproportionate levels, in comparison to the
        overall student population. Identify which groups are over and underrepresented.