• The 2024 -2025 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment is currently open in TEAL.

    ESC 15 will review each CLNA before it moves to TEA approval. 

    When is the CLNA due?

    • CLNA is due July 1, 2024

    Where do I find the CLNA for my LEA?

    • TEAL →  eGrants → Special Collections → SC5600

    Who has access to edit the CLNA?

    What sections do SSA members complete?

    • SSA members complete Parts 1, 2, 4, 7. If the LEA receives over $15,000 they can apply on their own and compete all sections of the CLNA. 

    Can the ESC assist with completing the CLNA?

    • Of course! Please contact me at traci.terrill@esc15.net or 325-481-4074. We can schedule a phone call, zoom visit, or in person technical support for the CLNA. Membership in the 23-24 Perkins V SSA provides support for all LEA members in completing the CLNA.

    Where can I find resources to complete the CLNA?

    The CLNA guidebook is designed to assist Texas LEAs with the completion of the local needs assessment.  The local needs assessment process is intended to be a regular part of LEA's data-driven decision-making and program improvement system.  

    To access your district's previous CLNA (22-23), click here.