Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

  • In preparation for the 22-23 Perkins Grant year, TEA has updated the CLNA (Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment) for all LEAs to complete. Due to these changes, LEAs who joined the SSA in 21-22 will need to complete a new CLNA per TEA.

    ESC 15 will review each CLNA before it moves to TEA approval. 

    When is the CLNA due?

    • CLNA is due May 6, 2022

    Where do I find the CLNA for my LEA?

    • TEAL →  eGrants → Special Collections → SC5600

    Who has access to edit the CLNA?

    What sections do SSA members complete?

    • SSA members complete Parts 1, 2, 4, 7. If the LEA receives over $15,000 they can apply on their own and compete all sections of the CLNA. 

    Can the ESC assist with completing the CLNA?

    • Of course! Please contact me at or 325-481-4074. We can schedule a phone call, zoom visit, or in person technical support for the CLNA. Membership in the 21-22 Perkins V SSA provides support all LEA members in completing the CLNA.

    Where can I find resources to complete the CLNA?

    The 2021-2022 CLNA (SC5600) is required for local education agencies (LEAs) applying for 2022-2023 Perkins funding.  The CLNA guidebook is designed to assist Texas LEAs with the completion of the local needs assessment.  The local needs assessment process is intended to be a regular part of LEA's data-driven decision-making and program improvement system.  

    To access your district's previous CLNA, click here.