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Mission Statement

  • About Us

    The Region 15 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) serves students who are deaf or hard of hearing from birth to 21 years of age that significantly impacts the development of language and/or performance in school from 45 school districts and charters in 18 counties in West Texas. Geographically, the RDSPD serves an expansive territory of 25,000 square miles. 
    The mission of ESC 15 Regional Day School Program for the Deaf is to increase educational achievement of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. We provide support and assistance to parents of children who have a hearing loss, and work closely with professionals serving these students. Our goal is to create a network that meets the needs of these students so that after graduation, they can enroll in post-secondary education or be employed in a competitive job and, thus become a self-sufficient member of society.