Neatly organized network cables plugged into a switch
  • Network Services offers the following services:
    • ASCENDER Hosting - Provides districts with ASCENDER and PORTAL hosting.

    • Destiny Resources Cooperative - Provides districts with Destiny hosting for library circulation, cataloging, inventory, and reporting capabilities.

    • Distance Learning Cooperative - Provides distance learning connectivity between districts, Region 15, Texas Education Agency, community colleges, and content providers.

    • Infosec IQ - Provides districts with a security and phishing awareness program.

    • NETXV Cybersecurity - Provides security monitoring, logging, alerting, policy templates, and audits. 

    • NETXV Disaster Recovery - Provides managed disaster recovery services for virtual environments. 

    • NETXV File Backup - Provides an offsite file backup solution.

    • NETXV Fiber Plus - Provides high speed Internet Access to member districts.

    • NETXV Tech Audit - Provides a full, comprehensive technology infrastrcuture audit. 

    • NETXV Tech Support - Provides districts with consulting services to support and enable local technology initiatives/projects.
    • Securly - Provides content filtering that allows districts to maintain Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance.

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    Please contact Network Services for more information.