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  • What is Texas Strategic Staffing?

  • TSS Makes Paid Residencies a Reality


  • Strategic Staffing Objectives

    1. Address Texas students’ learning acceleration needs and other instructional priorities through implementation of high-quality teacher residencies
    2. Enable equitable educational access for all Texas students through high-quality teacher residency programs as a key teacher pipeline strategy.
    3. Enable equitable access to quality preparation to retain a diverse Texas teacher population.
    4. Prioritize long-term Texas teacher effectiveness through rigorous pre-service practice in year-long teacher residency programs.
    5. Recruit, select, train, and continuously develop high-quality mentor teachers to support residents placed in high-need areas.
    6. Support Texas districts to sustainably fund teacher residencies through funding reallocation in service of an enduring talent pipeline.

  • District Benefits from Implementation of High-Quality, Sustainable Teacher Residencies via Strategic Staffing

    YEAR-LONG Residents (Student Teachers) can fill roles such as

    **Substitute Teacher**


    **Long Term Substitute**

    **Tutorial Support**


    **Teacher Vacancy Support**


    Time Release for Pullout Support or New Teacher Support

    to help you meet the staffing demands in your district. 

  • Teacher Recruitment Support

    • Providing supports for paraprofessionals to become certified teachers
    • Elevating the perception of the teaching profession through the expansion of high-quality Education and Training (E&T) courses at the high school level
    • Reducing/eliminating LEA teacher shortages by hiring, supporting and retaining highly-qualified teachers
    • Increasing long term student achievement by filling teacher vacancies and retaining HQ teachers
  • Teacher Residency Support

    • Support with paid teacher residencies and effective cooperating/mentor teachers
    • Addressing the diversity needs of the LEAs with solutions that mirror the student demographics
    • Increasing the access points to HQ teacher candidates through strong EPP partnerships
    • Reducing LEA hiring and onboarding costs using innovative reallocation/reinvestment strategies
    • Increasing long term student achievement by filling teacher vacancies and retaining HQ teachers
  • Other New Hires Support

    • Reducing/eliminating LEA teacher shortages by supporting and retaining highly-qualified teachers long term
    • Provide new hire/mentor teacher training & support

  • Current Partnerships in Region 15

    Angelo State University | San Angelo TX San Angelo ISD Ballinger ISD Miles ISD Mourns Death of Student Our Story – About Us – Texas Leadership Public Schools 


    Contact Mike Carter for more information: mike.carter@esc15.net


  • Head Shot-TSS Provider

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    Superintendent Support
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