• Field Supervisor Coaching Training for Advanced Degree Candidates provides guidelines and instruction for field supervisors who support candidates seeking certification in an area other than classroom teacher and who are participating in practicum experiences through educator preparation programs (EPPs).  The training focuses on structures and practices that support candidates’ development with respective certification standards for performance.

    This training was developed to meet the requirements of recently adopted Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 228.35(h). This section of TAC requires that "supervision of each candidate shall be conducted with the structured guidance and regular ongoing support of an experienced educator who has been trained as a field supervisor. Supervision provided on or after September 1, 2017, must be provided by a field supervisor who has completed TEA-approved observation training."

    Please see FAQs about this training here: http://epp.helpscoutdocs.com/category/57-observation-training

    Questions? Please email EPPsupport@teachfortexas.org


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