The TEA Approved Field Supervisor Training is to provide guidance and structure to the practices for instructional observations of all clinical teachers and for internships under an intern certificate or an additional internship.This training was developed to meet the requirements of recently adopted Texas Administrative code TAC 228.35.g.  This section of TAC states that  “Ongoing educator preparation program support for initial certification of teachers. Supervision of each candidate shall be conducted with the structured guidance and regular ongoing support of an experienced educator who has been trained as a field supervisor. Supervision provided on or after September 1, 2017, must be provided by a field supervisor who has completed TEA-approved observation training.”

    The training is intended to instruct field supervisors of educator preparation programs in best practices for providing in-classroom support and coaching to novice teachers during required observation visits.  Further, this training has been developed to align with the type of observation visits that teachers will receive on their campus under the T-TESS system. 

    All EPP field supervisors who support clinical teachers or internship teachers on an internship or probationary teaching certificate must complete a TEA approved field supervisor training.   



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