Title IV, Part A: Student Support & Academic Enrichment Grant

  • Title IV, Part A, School Safety State Initiative

    ESC 14 manages the School Safety State Initiative.  Rod Pruitt and Nancy Galle have provided tremendous resources to manage information for districts, campuses, and parents.  The Hyperlink below provides access to these resources. 

    Title IV State Initiative

    COVID 19 Online Training Opportunties 


    ESC 15 Link to Safety Resources

    The link above provides access to the ESC 15 Safety Resources.  This link if found on the ESC 15 Site under "Administrators" and "School Safety and Emergency Managment".  There are a number of resources including safety summit presentations, Human Trafficking, Trauma and Mental Health Prevention, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Reponse. 

  • More information on Title IV, Part A Grant

    The purpose of this program is to provide support, technical assistance, compliance assistance, training, and allowable program implementation for all aspects of the Title IV, Part A program for LEAs who applied for Title IV, Part A funds, and the participating private nonprofit school who receives equitable services.

    • Well-rounded education opportunities
    • Safe and healthy students * (large focus on this area)
    • Effective use of technology

    The ESSA Title IV, A program will offer support and technical assistance with the following:

    • Capacity building and training in well-rounded education for all students
    • Training, guidance, and technical assistance on conducting a needs assessment of:
    • Access to, and opportunities for, a well-rounded education for all students 
    • School condition for student learning in order to create a healthy and safe school environments, and 
    • Access to personalized learning experiences supported by technology and professional development for the effective use of data and technology
    • Training, guidance, and technical assistance regarding Section 8501 equitable services to private nonprofit schools
    • Technical assistance to LEAs being monitored by TEA by Title IV, Part a and Unsafe School Choice Option programmatic compliance validation processes
    • Technical assistance to LEAs with campuses identified as Year 1 Watch List, Year 2 Watch List, or Persistently Dangerous
    • Disseminate program information and resources, including those developed by the Statewide Title IV, Part A Capacity Building Initiative, to LEAs applying for Title IV, Part A funds
    • Guidance and technical assistance to LEAs on the use of funds and compliance requirements
    • Training for LEAs on mental health needs of students, training may include the following as participants – teachers, school administrators, parents and families, nurses, counselors, School Resource Officers, and other school and LEA staff on school safety, and school conditions for student learning in order to create a healthy and safe school environment