Site Coordinator's Responsibilities

  • Basic Duties
    • Maintain the operating functions of the equipment
    • Maintain an orderly appearance of the room
    • Maintain a master schedule of activities for the distance learning room
    • Act as a liaison between the district teachers and the ESC distance learning staff
    Virtual Field Trips
    • Schedule virtual field trips with ESC distance learning contact
    • Make information about virtual field trips available to teachers
    • Submit VFT requests from teachers at
    • Monitor email messages from Region 15 distance learning contact as to the status of the VFT request
    • Point of contact for the content provider to disseminate materials related to field trips
    • Have all equipment up and running prior to the field trip
    • Monitor equipment during field trip
    • Assist teachers in the use of equipment
    • Distribute and collect evaluation forms for field trips and return to ESC distance learning contact and provider
    Dual Credit Courses
    • Maintain a schedule of courses in distance learning room
    • Communicate with community college providing content
    • Receive email and fax materials from community college
    • Assist students with activities
    • Collect and distribute materials
    • Proctor daily work, quizzes, and exams
    • Record student attendance
    • Operate equipment
    • Record student grades if requested by teacher
    • Handle discipline problems
    • Be available for troubleshooting calls if connection problems arise
    Staff Development Delivered from Region 15
    • Communicate through email with ESC distance learning contact, ESC consultant and/or administrative assistant
    • Submit requests for your district to be added as a connecting site for distance learning events at
    • Schedule room for delivery of staff development
    • Monitor equipment
    • Disseminate handouts/materials delivered or emailed to district for workshop
    • Register participants
    • Return registration/evaluation forms to ESC after workshop
    • Monitor session during workshop; be available for troubleshooting calls if connection problems arise