• Migrant Out-of-School Youth (OSY)
    Education Service Center-Region 15
    Out of School Youth Billboard

    Out-of-School Youth (OSY) are defined as any migrant youth 21 years old or younger that has not graduated high school, or received a GED.
    Our mission is to "to serve, educate, and empower our migrant OSY" and our vision is "to improve the quality of life for the OSY through education."
    The Education Service Center-Region 15 migrant team will provide a variety of services and opportunities for our migrant OSY and assist them in achieving their full potential. 

    OSY criteria:

    • 21 years old or younger; 

    • Does not have a high school diploma or GED;

    • Has traveled/moved across district or state lines to obtain temporary or seasonal employment or seasonal employment in fishing or agriculture

    Support services:

    • Credit recovery to assist in completing high school;
    • Assistance in obtaining and translating records from Mexico;
    • Tutoring in preparation for out of school testing (GED, HiSet);
    • Adult Education programs (ESL classes, Citizenship Classes, Classes to obtain your diploma from Mexico);
    • Workforce Solutions (WIA Youth Program, Child Care, Career Counseling);
    • Other community resources.
    Strategies, Opportunities, andServices for Out-of-School Youths (SOSOSY)

    Out-of-School Youth Videos 


    For questions regarding the OSY in Region 15, please contact:
    Monica Diaz
    (325) 481-4066
    612 S. Irene
    San Angelo, Texas 76902