Special Education Fiscal Support Grant

  • Special Education Fiscal Support provides additional funding for eligible Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to secure evaluation staff, related services personnel, and/or special education teachers to fill short-term needs in the area of initial evaluations, compensatory services and extended school year services (ESY).

    Allocation determinations are determined with these points in mind.

    • Geographic Hardship,
    • Initial Evaluation Capacity,
    • Compensatory Service, and
    • ESY funds

  • Round 1 (completed) 

    Round 2 Opening April 20,2020-closing May 1, 2020

    All applications are submitted online. 

    Online Application link: there is a black button in the middle of the homepage that opens the online application


    FAQ Information 


    Questions regarding the LEA application for potential Special Education Fiscal Support (SB500) funding should be sent to amy.strauch@esc20.net

  • !!!!Changes to the grant!!!!

    Changes have been made because of the pandemic that are very helpful to distircts.

    • Deadline extension to expend funds from August 31, 2020 to May 31, 2021.
    • Errata #1 (Attachment) has been issued for Round 1 of the Special Education Fiscal Support Performance Contract updating the program end date from August 31, 2020 to May 31, 2021. Expenditure report dates were also updated as noted in the attached.
    • If an LEA did not initially request or receive funding in an area (initial evaluations, compensatory services or ESY) they will have flexibility to use funds in any of the three areas, if critical needs arise due to unforeseen circumstances. All expenditures must meets the requirements of the program and local documentation is retained to demonstrate the need and how the LEA used these funds.