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"Transition is envisioning where we want students to be in terms of living, employment, and post-secondary school options and determining and designing programs, services, and opportunities to help them get there."                        

Region 15 provides school districts and charter schools with services designed to meet federal, state, and local transition requirements. The Transition staff is available to provide technical assistance and training to campuses, districts, and charter schools. Working with the Statewide Transition Network, the Transition staff at Region 15 provides guidance regarding all areas of transition including Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC) instructional arrangement setting and Vocational Adjustment Coordinator job responsibilities.

The Challenge of the Future

When students graduate from high school, they often face a future that has more questions than answers. For students with disabilities, the future can be even more uncertain. Transition planning helps students with disabilities and their families prepare for the transition to adult life after graduation from high school.


For students with disabilities who receive special education services, federal and state law requires school districts to include a discussion of transition services in the development of the student’s Individual Education Program at the annual ARD meeting.


Students and parents who would like more information about transition planning should contact their local school district.



Important Links

The link to the website created by the transition network for the state of Texas can be used as a great resource for parents or teachers needing to know about transition. You may also find the Texas Transition and Employment guide on the website or click the links below. The links for both English and Spanish are below.
The Graduation Toolkit provides details about the new Foundation High School Program and other planning information for high school years and beyond. 
Texas Department of State Health ServicesTexas Department of State Health Services                   


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