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Assistive Technology

This program provides training and technical assistance in the area of adaptive technology devices for educational professionals working with students with disabilities. The goal is to enhance and increase functional student performance. When assistive technology is effectively integrated into the classroom curriculum, students have the tools that they need to be productive, independent, and successful learners.

                       Resources for Assistive Technology 

Texas Assistive Technology Network (TATN) is working to ensure that students with disabilities receive assistive technology devices and services when needed to benefit from a free, appropriate public education. The TATN consists of representatives from each of the Texas Education Service Centers, and the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

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WATI--Wisconsin Assistive Technology Site

WATI Assessment Package

Dynamic Assistive Technology Evaluation (DATE) Collaborative Worksheet

                             Closing the Gap                                                                                                    


Handouts from Darren Avey and Mark Ammons

AT Prereferral Worksheet

General Information

Section 2: Motor Aspects of Writing

Section 3: Composing Written Material

Section 4: Communication

Section 5: Reading

Section 6: Learning and Studying

Section 7: Math

Section 8: Recreation and Leisure

Section 9: Seating and Positioning

Section 10: Mobility

Section 11: Vision

Section 12: Hearing

AT Action Plan

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Articles from "Every Move Counts" Website
AT in Depth
          Link to STAP forms to receive
funding for AT equipment
          Sample AT Evaluation   

          Sample SETT Format AT Evaluation

          Technology Device Agreement
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ESC Region 15 Contacts
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